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Easi-Grip 3 in 1 Crayons


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Easi-Grip 3 in 1 Crayons

Young artists will love the smooth and silky artwork these crayons will create! These 3 in 1 crayons come in chunky tubes like lipstick, so you only twist up (extend) as far as you need. They are pointed at the tip for ease of use by young artists. The brightly-coloured, water-based crayon, can be used as a crayon, oil pastel or as a water colour by going over what you've coloured with a wet paintbrush. It's the all in one crayon! These non-toxic, water soluble crayons are entirely safe for young children to use and the easy grip has been designed for little hands.

Set of 12 colours in a plastic carry case for easy storage and travel.




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