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Magic Christmas Tree


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Magic Christmas Tree

The Magic Christmas Tree defies nature! Watch it grow before your eyes! Its magic and it sparkles! This truly amazing tree comes with everything included, ready for you to do it yourself.
See it grow before your eyes and in just hours it is fully grown.

Rec 10+yrs

Size: 19 X 23cm

What’s in the Box: Paper Tree Shape, Water And Phosphate Solution, Glitter, Tray, Gold Star And Full Instructions.

Care Instructions: Read All Instructions And Warnings Carefully Before Use. All Chemicals Should Be Handled With Care. This Set Contains Chemicals That May Be Harmful If Misused.Not To Be Used By Children Under 10yrs. Parental Guidance Recommended.Do Not Inhale Or Swallow Liquid Or Powder. Wash Hands After Use. Avoid Prolonged Exposure To Skin. Avoid Contact With Eyes And Mouth. In Case Of Contact With Eyes. Rinse With Plenty Of Water Immediately. If Irritation Occurs Seek Medical Advice.



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