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MoYu Meilong Speed Cube 3x3x3


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The MoYu 3x3x3 magic cube puzzle is a stickerless puzzle gadget that will keep the kids entertained for hours! It's the latest craze to sweep the globe, as kids enjoy the soft corners and smooth rotation MoYu offers. A delight for tactile youths, MoYu MeiLong 3x3x3 is sure to provide long lasting mind puzzling fun that can be adjusted to your preferred settings. Work to solve the cube by making each side match, time yourself and challenge your buddies. Part of the Cubing Classroom Series MoYu MeiLong is the next step to take in the the world of brain teasing gadget puzzles. 

Cube Size: 5.6*5.6*5.6cm

Cube Level: 3x3x3
Sticker Color: 6-Color
Packing: Carton Box

Package Content: 1 x stickerless MoYu MeiLong Magic Cube – Gadget Puzzle

Suitable for Ages: 8+ Years

Learning Opportunities: Problem Solving – Sequence & Pattern Recognition – Brain Teaser


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