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Sort in the Box Game


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A sorting game of categorisation. The tiles are all mixed up and don’t know where to go! Help them find where they belong by dropping them into the sorting box. Flip open the lid and check your results! This game is all about shapes as well as colours and patterns. You can choose to sort animals, shapes or visual features.

Place 1 or more category cards on the sorting box & pick up tiles one by one to drop them where they belong. Get excited as you flip open the lids to inspect the results of your sorting activities. A 4 compartment sorting box, with 60 tiles to sort by class or attributes. 3 main categories-Animals, Shapes and Visual feature, which are further sub divided into 12 sub categories. Easy to play game. 

This game develops logical and thinking skills, categorisation, visual perception and vocabulary skills.

The game contains: 1 heavy duty wooden sorting box with flip open lids, 60 object tiles, 12 category cards and instructions.

Suitable for ages 3-6

For 1 player or more

Measures in cm: 33 x 13 x 6.4



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