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Sparkly Weighted Lizard | Green and Gold


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Sparkly Weighted Creature – Large Gold & Green Lizard

The 35.5cm large green and gold lizard has a speckled, sparkly skin and is filled with silicon beads to give some weight for sensory input. It has a beautiful shiny gold skin and a colourful bright green silky bottom and weighs approximately 1.12kg.

Weighted products are used to calm, improve focus and attention, improve body awareness and to decrease sensory seeking behaviours.  They have been invaluable in the treatment of children who do not properly process sensory stimuli.

Spot clean with a damp cloth where necessary. DO NOT put in the dryer or the microwave. Please ensure you regularly inspect for any damage to the animal. Do not carry animal by tail, head or legs. Please consult with your therapist before starting any type of weighted therapy. Not suitable for children under three years old. Keep out of their reach.




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