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Ultralight Airplanes


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Have you ever wondered how airplanes fly? Construct awesome flying gliders with the Ultralight Airplanes and find out!

Build five different types of planes with different wing configurations and learn how wings provide lift and how planes stay up in the air.

Discover what keeps airplanes up in the air, how wings work, and the physics of flight. These vehicles are pretty awesome!

There are four forces that act on a flying airplane. They are lift, gravity, thrust and drag. Lift pushes the airplane upward and counteracts gravity which is the force that pulls things together. Thrust moves the plane forward through the air. Drag is the force of resistance on an object moving through a fluid, such as air or water.

Also read about the debate on airplanes v’s gliders.

What’s in the box?

  • 16-page full colour manual
  • Nose piece
  • Straight connectors
  • Airfoil ribs
  • 150-degree connectors
  • Stabilizer connectors
  • Dowel holder pegs
  • Cube pieces
  • 50-hole dual rod
  • Bamboo dowel, 90mm
  • Bamboo dowel, 150mm
  • Bamboo dowel, 220mm
  • Wing surface plastic film
  • Vertical stabilizer film
  • Horizontal stabilizer film
  • Part separator tool
  • Sandpaper
  • Cardboard glider stand

Recommended for ages 8 and up.

Are you thinking you know someone who loves watching planes and learning all about them?

The Ultralight Airplanes kit is a great way to teach them some of the basics with loads of flying fun.



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