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Buzzing Magnets


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Throw these two magnets up and listen as they buzz through the air! To use Buzzing Magnets, simply hold both magnets in one hand, making sure they don’t touch, and throw in the air. These unusual oval shaped magnets will keep you busy for hours as you perfect your technique.

Made out of the strong magnetic material, hematite, the two highly-polished magnet’s poles are aligned through the narrow circumference. As the magnets fall, both the North and South poles are trying to make contact, which results in a bizarre buzzing sound as they constantly move around each other. Buzzing Magnets are excellent for demonstrating the effects of magnetism, and can also be used in other fun ways, such as placing one on a table and the other underneath and seeing what happens.

ages six and over. Not suitable for children aged three and under.

Magnet size: 60 x 17mm