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Chewy Shapes – Baby Elephant


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Chewer: Light

This elephant chewy sensory shape is a lovely tool for calming and soothing oral sensory seekers who like something safe and flexible to chew.  The back side of the elephant is textured with paw prints which just adds to the cuteness!

The round edges of this shape make it easy for the wearer to work it to the back of the mouth between the molars for maximum vestibular stimulation and the calming effect that it can bring.

The elephant is 90 mm high x 80 mm wide at its widest, and is 10 mm at its thickest point.

NB: Heavy chewers might bite through narrow parts of the shape quickly.

Chewy Charms sensory jewellery and teething products are crafted entirely from:

  • 100 % food grade silicon,
  • 100 % BPA free silicon,
  • contain no phthalates,
  • contain no metals (safe for children or adults with medical conditions e.g. pacemakers),
  • are non-toxic,
  • are durable,
  • eco-friendly,
  • heat resistant,
  • certified by: SGS/FDA/LFGB


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