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Fat Brain | Ivan’s Hinge


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Gift Wrap Design

Dots with handwritten gift tag ($4.95)

Gift Wrap Design

Dots with handwritten gift tag ($4.95)

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Fat Brain Ivan's Hinge is an irresistible fidgety toy where fun and brilliance converge! Created by famed puzzle creator Ivan Hinge, this puzzle toy will test your kid’s mettle as they manipulate the articulating joints and try to match it to one of the 56 included brilliant pattern challenge cards.

Each pattern challenge card invites curiosity and logic as kids fold, loop, bend and twist this puzzle to find the correct solution. In doing so, kids build valuable qualities such as patience and determination as they continue to refine their visual and spatial skills.  

Unhinge an adventure of tactile, brain-boosting excitement! 

Learning Outcomes: Creative & Critical Thinking – Fine Motor Skills – STEM Education

Suitable for Ages: 8-10 Years

Includes: 1 Ivan’s Hinge Puzzle and a set of 56 Challenge Cards both of which feature exceptionally high-quality construction and materials.

Parents’ Choice Recommended Award 2012

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