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Pilchers – Watermelon

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Pilchers by Pea Pods
Waterproof Nappy Cover
One Size (newborn to 16kg)

NOTE: this product does not include an absorbent insert
Compatible with all Pea Pods absorbent inserts
Use with Pea Pods Bamboo absorbers, Flannelette Flats, Terry Towelling Flats, Pre-folds… and more
Wipe clean and reuse
Waterproof and breathable

Adjust rise to suit baby’s size
Place chosen absorbent insert inside Pilchers
Fit to baby


  • Empty any solids from absorber into toilet.
  • Remove absorber & place into dry bucket awaiting washing (no soaking required)
  • Wipe clean and reuse, or wash with other laundry items using only 1/2 strength detergent (if soiled)
  • Line or tumble dry on low heat