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ThinkFun – Math Dice Chase Game


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ThinkFun – Math Dice Chase Game

ThinkFun – Math Dice Chase Game : Think fast – this math game is a race – and you don’t want to get caught with both sets of dice! Math Dice Chase helps improve multiplication skills, and can be adapted for younger learners to practice addition and subtraction.

One part hot potato, one part math – Math Dice Chase tests your ability to quickly do mental math. Hurry to roll the dice, call out your answer, and pass the dice before you get caught with a second pair in front of you!

Players sit in a circle. The two sets of dice start at opposite sides of the circle. This is a fast paced game, each player rolls the two 12 Sided dice and when you correctly answer the multiplication of two numbers together, you pass the dice to your left. If you end up with the two sets of dice in front of you, you are out of the game and the winner is the person left.

Clear instructions – Easy to learn with a clear, high quality instruction manual. You can start playing immediately!

Develops critical skills – Builds mental math and problem solving skills through fun gameplay.

What you get – Invented by an elementary school math teacher for classrooms and groups of 4-6 players. Comes with two blue 12-sided dice, two purple 12-sided dice and a game-go bag for easy storage and cleanup. It’s a race to multiply numbers together – after you solve it, pass the dice!


2 Blue 12-Sided Dice

2 Purple 12-Sided Dice

Game-Go Bag


Learning Outcomes:

Creative & Critical Thinking


Social & Emotional

Recommended Age: Suitable brain games for kids of age 8 years and above


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