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Weighted Animal | Comfort Bear


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Affectionately called "Bondi Bear" in the office, you will love our Weighted Comfort Bear as much as we do.  Weighing approx 1.8kgs this Bear is the perfect cuddle companion for children seeking additional sensory therapy feedback or for anyone who loves a snuggly soft friend. 

* Helps with self-regulation and promotes calmness

* Portable to provide reassurance on the go

* Soft fur provides tactile sensory input

* Comes in a lovely reusable calico drawstring bag 


Weight: Approx 1.8kg

Size: from head to paw 47cm long

Made of 100% polyester outer with polyester and glass bead filling.

Care Instructions: 

Soft hand wash with a mild detergent in water under 30 degrees C. Cold rinse. Do not tumble dry.

Safety instructions:

  1. Always consult your therapist on the use of weighted products.
  2. If the Weighted Sloth becomes damaged, please stop using it immediately.
  3. Not suitable for children under 3

Why a Weighted Animal?

In an era marked by increasing sensory overload, weighted animals have emerged as a soothing remedy for many individuals, particularly children and adults dealing with sensory processing disorders, autism, and anxiety. These cuddly companions transcend mere playthings; they serve as therapeutic aids crafted to offer solace and assistance. By capitalising on the principles of deep pressure therapy, weighted animals facilitate a profound sense of calm and relaxation, which can be especially beneficial for those grappling with sensory processing challenges.

Benefits of Weighted Animals:
– Provide a comforting deep pressure sensation
– Aid in managing anxiety, ADHD, and sensory processing issues
– Mimic the soothing touch of real animals
– Offer a diverse range suitable for various age groups and specific needs

Benefits of Deep Pressure Therapy:
– Reduces levels of anxiety and stress
– Enhances the quality of sleep
– Improves focus and attention span
– Eases sensory overstimulation
– Calms the nervous system