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Forest Bead Maze


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Gift Wrap Design

Dots with handwritten gift tag ($4.95)

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This classic wooden Forest Bead Maze from Tooky toy is perfect for young children develop their fine motor skills, problem solving and practice hand eye coordination and so much more.

This beautifully finished wooden Forest Bead Maze comes with challenging beads that are designed to move from one part of the board to another. Children are encouraged to pick a bead and thread it along wire from one end to another, or along the base of the board. Once they’ve threaded the cute beads along the track, children gain a great sense of achievement of completing the bead maze from one end to another.

Featuring 4 sturdy feet, the Forest Bead Maze can be played with on the floor or on a table. Each wooden Forest Bead Maze Set from Tooky Toys is made from timber, finished to the highest quality and painted in child safe, non toxic paint.


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