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Rainbow Delta Kite


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A single string kite for everyone and they are very well suited to light to fresh winds. This light wind ability comes from a big sail area which generates lots of ‘lift’ to get the kite up nice and high. To keep deltas nice and steady in the air as the wind picks up, we have long tails on them and these tails give the deltas ‘drag’ which keeps them stable in stronger winds.

A fairly modern design, deltas have only been around for about 80 years, nowhere near as long as diamond shapes that go back thousands of years. Kids love flying deltas because they are easy to fly, they fly in light winds and stay up nice and steady in medium winds.

It’s very easy to assemble, super easy to fly, and look great in the sky.

Suits kite flyers from 4 Years to Adult

940mm Wingspan


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