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SUPER-PI-RIFFIC Illusionology Science


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Gift Wrap Design

Dots with handwritten gift tag ($4.95)

Gift Wrap Design

Dots with handwritten gift tag ($4.95)

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The Secrets of Science that Amaze Like Magic! Set covers all aspects of STEM.
Secrets of Science Instruction Book and entertaining videos. Learn to defy gravity with the Floating Vase.
New Pi challenge and other experiments that have never been in a science set before.
Many more Science Experiments to discover!

The Secrets of Science that Amaze like Magic!”

• Fantasma has created a brand-new approach to the Science category that totally
incorporates the lessons of STEM , but in an entertaining fashion that will encourage kids
to demonstrate amazing science experiments that appear magical but incorporate true
science and its STEM principles.

• Parents love the idea of their kids becoming the next Albert Einstein. Kids get bored
playing with the majority of the science sets after the first time.

• The nature of the science experiments within these Fantasma Science Sets are so
much fun they will want to share them with their friends and on social media,
especially during this crisis.

• The Science Book of Secret Experiments illustrated instruction manual is written
in a hip, engaging and fun way that will make it easy to understand the
principles of STEM.

•  Instructional videos for the Science Experiments are shot in a hip, cool laboratory.




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