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TWIGS Sensory Fidget Pack


Our TWIGS Sensory Resources Kits are crafted to simplify life, whether you’re in a classroom, boardroom, or any environment prone to sensory overload.

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Gift Wrap Design

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Gift Wrap Design

Dots with handwritten gift tag ($4.95)

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TWIGS Sensory Fidget Pack

Grab n Go with one of our Exclusive TWIGS Sensory Packs, each pack contains over $20 worth of Fidgety Fun!!

Each pack will always have something different to what is pictured but still packed with loads of great Sensory Resources.

Age 3yrs+

A fidget pack, often containing various sensory and tactile toys, offers a range of benefits, particularly for individuals with anxiety, ADHD, autism, and other sensory processing needs.

Here are some key benefits:

**Stress and Anxiety Reduction**:
– Fidget toys can help reduce stress and anxiety by providing a physical outlet for restless energy. Engaging with these toys can have a calming effect, making it easier to manage feelings of anxiety.

**Improved Focus and Attention**:
– Using fidget toys can help improve concentration and focus, especially in settings where extended periods of attention are required, such as classrooms or meetings. The act of fidgeting can help some individuals maintain their attention on the task at hand by keeping their hands busy.

**Sensory Stimulation**:
– Fidget packs often include toys that provide various sensory inputs, such as different textures, shapes, and weights. This sensory stimulation can be particularly beneficial for individuals with sensory processing disorders or autism, helping them regulate their sensory needs.

**Motor Skill Development**:
– Many fidget toys require fine motor skills to manipulate, which can help in developing and strengthening these skills. This is especially useful for children or individuals undergoing occupational therapy.

**Behavioural Benefits**:
– For children with ADHD or autism, fidget toys can serve as a non-disruptive way to release energy and manage behaviours that might otherwise be distracting or disruptive. They can help create a more conducive learning environment by channelling excess energy in a constructive manner.

**Promoting Mindfulness**:
– Fidgeting with a toy can encourage mindfulness by drawing attention to the present moment and the physical sensations associated with the toy. This can be an effective grounding technique for managing intrusive thoughts or stress.

**Increased Creativity**:
– The act of fidgeting can stimulate creative thinking and problem-solving. It can help break through mental blocks and encourage a free flow of ideas by engaging different parts of the brain.

**Social Interaction**:
– Fidget packs can sometimes serve as social tools, sparking conversations and interactions among peers. Sharing and discussing different fidget toys can help build social connections and improve communication skills.

Overall, a fidget pack can be a versatile and valuable tool for improving mental and physical well-being, enhancing focus, and providing sensory satisfaction.


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