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Weighted Animal | Horse


Helps with self-regulation and promotes calmness, portable to provide reassurance on the go, soft fur provides tactile sensory input!

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Weighted Animal | Horse

Weighing approx 1.8kgs this super soft Weighted Animal | Horse is the perfect cuddle companion for children seeking additional sensory therapy feedback or for anyone who loves a snuggly soft friend.

Helps with self-regulation and promotes calmness
Portable to provide reassurance on the go
Soft fur provides tactile sensory input
Comes in a lovely reusable calico drawstring bag


Weight: Approx 1.8kgs
Size: Approx 34cm tall
Made of 100% polyester outer with polyester and glass bead filling.

Care Instructions: 

Soft hand wash with a mild detergent in water under 30 degrees C. Cold rinse.
Do not tumble dry.

Safety instructions:

Always consult your therapist on the use of weighted products.
If the Weighted Horse becomes damaged, please stop using it immediately.
Not suitable for children under 3 years old due to risk of SIDS and this product has small parts (eyes).

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Why Choose a Weighted Animal?

In an era marked by increasing sensory overload, weighted animals have emerged as a soothing remedy for many individuals, particularly children and adults dealing with sensory processing disorders, autism, and anxiety. These cuddly companions transcend mere playthings; they serve as therapeutic aids crafted to offer solace and assistance. By capitalising on the principles of deep pressure therapy, weighted animals facilitate a profound sense of calm and relaxation, which can be especially beneficial for those grappling with sensory processing challenges.

Benefits of Weighted Animals:
– Provide a comforting deep pressure sensation
– Aid in managing anxiety, ADHD, and sensory processing issues
– Mimic the soothing touch of real animals
– Offer a diverse range suitable for various age groups and specific needs

Benefits of Deep Pressure Therapy:
– Reduces levels of anxiety and stress
– Enhances the quality of sleep
– Improves focus and attention span
– Eases sensory overstimulation
– Calms the nervous system


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