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Weighted Animal | Ollie The Octopus


Ollie the Octopus is a special kind of friend. He loves adventures and using his five senses to keep your mind and heart on the mend. Ollie brings the gift of touch, his sensory superpower.

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Weighted Animal | Ollie The Octopus

Meet Weighted Animal | Ollie The Octopus who uses his sense of TOUCH! Ollie the Octopus is a special kind of friend. He loves adventures and using his five senses to keep your mind and heart on the mend. Ollie brings the gift of touch, his sensory superpower. He’s here for you to cuddle and snuggle, at any time or hour. Take him with you anywhere, at home, daycare, or school. He’s there for you to calm you down, and help you feel secure.

He loves the texture of smooth and soft shells, and also loves rough coral. His soothing cuddles will calm you down with his lavender-scented florals. His padding is perfect for relaxation, and calming all your fears, improving sleep quality, enhancing focus, and reducing any tears. Heat him up, cool him down, and give his weighted body a squeeze. Ollie and his five senses friends teach you with mindful tools, and show you how your five senses matter, and help you to self-soothe.

Meet the Five Senses Buddies: Charlie Puppy for his sense of smell, Francesca Flamingo for her sense of taste, Ollie Octopus for his sense of touch, plus Eleanor Elephant for her sense of hearing and Frankl For for his sense of sight. A magical, calming collective of friends to always have by your side

Features & Benefits:

  • Promotes calmness
  • Encourages focus
  • Boosts mood
  • Fights back against stress
  • Supports autism symptoms
  • Soothes feelings of panic and improves sleep
  • Supports mental clarity and reduces inflammation using cold therapy
  • Encourages healing and calms painful muscles
  • Increases blood flow using heat therapy
  • Sustainable packaging and materials
  • Each weighted animal is designed with quality in mind and made with the softest materials to support our sensory friends
  • Perfectly weighted at 1.8 kg
  • Suitable for ages 3+ (not suitable for children under 3)
  • 18 x 22 x 31 cm
Safety instructions:

Always consult your therapist on the use of weighted products.
If the Weighted Animal becomes damaged, please stop using it immediately.
Not suitable for children under 3 years old due to risk of SIDS and this product has small parts (eyes).

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Why Choose a Weighted Animal?

In an era marked by increasing sensory overload, weighted animals have emerged as a soothing remedy for many individuals, particularly children and adults dealing with sensory processing disorders, autism, and anxiety. These cuddly companions transcend mere playthings; they serve as therapeutic aids crafted to offer solace and assistance. By capitalising on the principles of deep pressure therapy, weighted animals facilitate a profound sense of calm and relaxation, which can be especially beneficial for those grappling with sensory processing challenges.

Benefits of Weighted Animals:
– Provide a comforting deep pressure sensation
– Aid in managing anxiety, ADHD, and sensory processing issues
– Mimic the soothing touch of real animals
– Offer a diverse range suitable for various age groups and specific needs

Benefits of Deep Pressure Therapy:
– Reduces levels of anxiety and stress
– Enhances the quality of sleep
– Improves focus and attention span
– Eases sensory overstimulation
– Calms the nervous system


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